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  • DELICE CHOCOLATIER SELCTION - Gourmadise Collection

Fine artisan chocolates & candies

Since 2006, Delice Chocolatier Selection has been  given  “le savoir faire” of our French chocolatiers and hard candies in the American market. We have an astonishing reputation for our quality and original manufacturing process.

Our pure and exquisite chocolates and hard candies are hand made by a selected group of French artisan following  old family traditions. Our raw materials are chosen with the finest attention to detail, to guarantee the excellence of our products. Each chocolate is made with high quality ingredients, without artificial preservatives and with up to 73% of the wold’s finest cacao. Discover new sensations, through the authentic hand-made French chocolate flavor.

We are direct importers and distributors for fine French & Spanish artisans chocolates, candies and honey. Our brands:

  • Delice Chocolatier Selection – signature brand for international awards confectionery chocolates made by fine artisans in Paris, France.
  • Chevaliers D’Argouges Chocolatiers – Normandy, France
  • Les Manoir des Abeilles – all natural honey & honey products from Normandy, France
  • Monbana Chocolatier -  Val de Loire, France
  • Bonte Confiserie – Nantes, France
  • Rabitos Royale – Caceres, Spain
  • Bovetti Chocolatier -  France

Our Products!

Rabitos Royal - Gift Box 9 pieces

  • DELICE CHOCOLATIER SELCTION - Gourmadise CollectionJan 2

    Our signature box of chocolates contains a combination of exquisite authentic hand made fine French chocolates especially for any occasion. Assortment of ganaches, pralines & truffle. Luxury magnetic box with ivory satin ribbon. Delight with a pure and strong chocolate hand made by a selected group of French artisans following old family traditions. Our raw [...]

  • MONBANA CHOCOLATIERChocolate bars & display 1.50 oz – Small

    Since 1934, Monbana has been know in the delicatessen market for the richness of his chocolates.  In 1978, Monbana launched the first chocolate square as accompaniment products to serve with espresso coffees . Since 2008, Delice Chocolatier has been importing and distributing the brand Monbana. Products French Neapolitans: The perfect sweet/bitter for your coffee Authentic [...]